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First Year Twins Who's Who Page Breastfeeding and Attachment Parenting Twins

This site is dedicated to the parents who make the commitment to Breastfeed, and practice Attachment Parenting with their twins. While I was pregnant with my sons, I went surfing on the net to see what information was out there on Twins, Breastfeeding, and AP. I became quickly frustrated at how difficult my search was. I learned that the information was out there, but it was scattered under many topics. So this inspired me to design my page...:-)

I hope that this page will assist the next person looking for Breastfeeding and Attachment Parenting Twins information! :-)

Last updated February 24, 1999.

Can you really breastfeed your twins?
Here are some links to people who have! :-)

Thomas' and Kelly's Home Page
Here are a Mom and Dad of triplets! Their site has great multiple info,
as well as tons of links to other parenting sites!
Great site with helpful hints for nursing twins.
Twins, Toddlers and Tantrums
Come meet a mom of a toddler, and breastfeeding twin baby girls.
Triplets Canada
Here is another Triplet mom.
Breastfeeding Multiples Bulletin Board at Parents Place
Come and meet other Mothers who are Breastfeeding their multiples.:-)
Knox Breastfeeding Accessories
Stories about nursing twins, and Nursing strikes.
Breastfeeding My Boys
This is my personal story, which I plan to update frequently. :-)

Links to information on breastfeeding multiples.

La Leche League, International
Breastfeeding Multiple Infants and Tandem Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding Multiples
Link from Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines.
Nursing Positions for Twins
Link from
Breastfeeding Twins and Supertwins
Link from Lactation Management resources for professionals.
Nursing Multiples
Link from Multiples FAQ's. Click FAQ's, and then click Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding Twins: Educating Yourself
Link from Babies Today. This is a Wonderful Series by Lactation
Consultant Melissa Clark Vickers
Breastfeeding More Than One
Link from
Breastfeeding Triplets
Link from The Triplet Connection.
Breastfeeding More Than One
Link from the Texas Department of Health.

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